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The word alone conjures up feelings of calmness and wellness.
Soothing. Healing. Rejuvenation.

At Posh Pet Hotel, we offer a Zen Wellness experience, in a relaxing environment, that will soothe your pet’s soul
and replenish your pet’s body.
Posh Pet Hotel cares about your pet’s well-being and longevity.
Posh Pet Hotel offers the following procedures by a Veterinarian that specializes in Holistic Medicine.


Dr. Schmidt will counsel you on whether your pet would benefit from the following procedures.

      • AccupunctureIncludes a physical exam, acupuncture treatment, and massage.
      • Aquapuncture – Vitamins and Herbal remedies infused with Acupuncture.
      • Massage Therapy (Tui-Na) – Chinese Medical Massage for sore muscles and joints.
      • Cold Laser Therapy – Laser Therapy that reaches deep in the muscles for pain, inflammation, and healing. Also includes massage.
      • Chinese Therapy – Consult with our Holisitic Veterinarian.
      • TherasageHeating pad with negative ions and Far Infrared Heating for deep relief.





Studies show that acupuncture treats Acute Musculoskeletal Inflammation, Anxiety, Arthritis, Allergies, Bursitis, Cancer Therapy, Chronic Viral and Bladder Diseases, Chronic non healing wounds, Disc Disease, Neurological Disorders,
Urinary Incontinence, and a Weakened Immune System.

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Come indulge in the Posh Zen Wellness Experience.