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Posh Pet Hotel


Two puppies running  next to each other on a hiking trail.

A five-star Florida hotel catering to dogs is the perfect place for when your pup gets the urge to go on a doggy vacation to take a break from their “ruff” life.

Posh Pet Hotel is nothing short from a glam dog resort. With 130 rooms, the hotel offers luxury cage-less accommodations equipped with flat screen TVs, Posh Salon and Spa services, Dog Daycare (separated by size) and expert Dog Training.

“We wanted to do something unique in an area that loves its pets, and I think we did,” Lincoln Baker, hotel owner and self-proclaimed dog lover, told Daily Mail. “People are like, ‘Wow, I would stay here,’ People literally want to stay here.”

There are no humans allowed to stay at the resort (besides the 24-hour human staff). Humans have the option of bringing their dog to the resort for day care or an over night stay.

After departing with your pet at drop off, the dog gets picked up in either a Maserati, Bentley or Cadillac Escalade that will bring them to their room. Also, you don’t have to worry about your pup going hungry – the menu is filled with delicious treats including fillet mignon with green beans, chicken and salmon, with organic biscuits and frozen yogurt for dessert.

The hotel costs $39 for a day visit and $49 per overnight stay in a classic suite. Prices go up depending on added luxaries.

As you would guess, dogs love being pampered at the Posh Pet Hotel! Check out these pics of dogs enjoying their stay: