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Posh Pet Hotel


Fluffy orange cat sitting on some rocks at the ocean.

Posh Pet Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida

A clean, modern aesthetic pervades at this Florida resort for cats and dogs—a kind of W Hotel for pets. Their 85 accommodations boast an impressive range of suites, including the Royal Suites, which includes 64-inch flat-screen TVs, 24/7 streaming web-cam access for owners and classical music and movie selection for pets.

The hotel’s Zen Wellness Spa, helmed by a veterinarian trained in holistic medicine, also offers pets acupuncture, massage, and more, and the nearby Four Seasons hotel gladly delivers steaks from their kitchen. Among their most popular services is the bedtime belly scratch. “We sit with them for up to 10 to 15 minutes and read cute dog stories like 101 Dalmatians or Biscuit,” Lincoln explains.

Royal Suites, from $95; 6710 S Dixie Hwy.; 561-225-1559;

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