Guest Services


Create your own Posh experience!
We offer a wide variety and amenities for your pet while on vacation 

Please speak to our concierge to add on services to your pet’s stay at 561-225-1559 



      • Busy Bone
        Dogs love these frozen organic peanut butter filled Kong treats to keep them entertained for hours.
      • Frozen Yogurt
        Order a delicious and refreshing frozen treat!  It is a great source of probiotics for your pup’s tummy.
      • Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit
        Our yummy bedtime biscuits are organic and made in the USA.
        It will be waiting on your pet’s pillow before retiring for the night.
      • Filet and Green Beans
        Serve your dog a gourmet meal while on vacation! Dogs may choose from organic beef, chicken, or fish served with green beans. Cats may choose from organic fish or salmon.
      • Bedtime Story, Tummy Rub
        A Paw-some story read to your dog with cuddle time, tummy rub, and a tuck-in at bedtime.
      • Bedtime Brushing
        Posh Staff Member will brush your pet’s teeth right before bedtime.
      • Pee-Pee Pads
        Guest suites will be supplied with a fresh pee-pee pad for those who prefer to potty inside.
      • 20-Minute Personal Playtime with Posh Staff Member
        One-on-one pet playtime with a Posh Staff Member in a private play yard. Family playtime accommodates up to 3 dogs staying in the same suite.
      • Cats Cay Playtime
        The ultimate and stimulating fun for your kitty! Cats Cay Playtime consists of 30 minutes of private playtime in our custom made tree with scratching post, climbing wall shelves, mouse toy, and organic catnip.
      • Kitty Cuddle
        Let your kitty receive extra love and attention from a Posh Staff Member! Kitty Cuddle includes 20 minutes of personalized attention with your kitty receiving a brush-out and lots of cuddles!

Leo’s Bistro

  • All natural
  • No Preservatives
  • Premium, gluten free wet food in chicken or beef
  • Made locally by Chef Leo!

Posh Cam

Let us place a camera in you furbaby’s suite for your viewing  (if available).