Guest Services


Create your own Posh experience!
We offer a wide variety of amenities for your pet while on vacation 

Please speak to our concierge to add on services to your pet’s stay at 561-225-1559.



      • Busy Bone
        Dogs love these frozen peanut butter filled Kong treats to keep them entertained for hours.
      • Frozen Yogurt
        Order a delicious and refreshing frozen treat!  It is a great source of probiotics for your pup’s tummy.
      • Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit
        Our yummy bedtime biscuits are organic and made in the USA.
        It will be waiting on your pet’s pillow before retiring for the night.
      • Filet and Green Beans
        Serve your dog a gourmet meal while on vacation! Dogs may choose from organic beef, chicken, or fish served with green beans. Cats may choose from organic fish or salmon.
      • Bedtime Story, Tummy Rub
        A Paw-some story read to your dog with cuddle time, tummy rub, and a tuck-in at bedtime.
      • 20-Minute Personal Playtime with Posh Staff Member
        One-on-one pet playtime with a Posh Staff Member in a private play yard. Family playtime accommodates up to 3 dogs staying in the same suite.
      • 20 Minute Family Playtime with Posh Staff Member
        One-on-one with a Posh Staff Member, for a family playtime that accommodates up to 3 dogs staying in the same suite, in a private play yard.
      • Kitty/Doggy Cuddle
        Let your kitty or doggy receive extra love and attention from a Posh Staff Member!
  • Leo’s Bistro

All natural, no preservatives, locally produced, premium gluten free wet food. Available in chicken, beef, or salmon!

  • Posh Cam

Place a camera to watch your fur-baby in their private suite after a day of fun!