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Posh Pets: 10 Luxury Hotels For Dogs And Cats

Posh Pet Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida A clean, modern aesthetic pervades at this Florida resort for cats and dogs—a kind of W Hotel for pets. Their 85 accommodations boast an impressive range of suites, including the Royal Suites, which includes 64-inch flat-screen TVs, 24/7 streaming...

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Swanky Dog Getaways

Dogs Rule at West Palm Beach Hotel West Palm Beach, Florida For the dog who takes his pampering seriously, check in to the dogs-only West Palm Beach Posh Pet Hotel, where a "presidential" room offers a queen-size bed, chandelier and flat screen TV tuned to animal friendly programming. The...

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World’s great pet hotels

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Posh Pet Hotel: Extravagant Florida Five-Star Resort For Dogs Pampers Pups
This doggy hotel is so nice that humans wish they could stay. By: Amanda Bernocco Source:

A five-star Florida hotel catering to dogs is the perfect place for when your pup gets the urge to go on a doggy vacation to take a break from their "ruff" life.

Posh Pet Hotel is nothing short from a glam dog resort. With 130 rooms, the hotel offers luxury cage-less accommodations equipped with flat screen TVs, Posh Salon and Spa services, Dog Daycare (separated by size) and expert Dog Training.

Posh Pet Hotel in Daily Mail
It’s a dog’s life: Super-luxury Florida pet hotel will pamper your animal with ‘facials’, acupuncture and bedtime stories after a chauffeur picks it up in a Bentley
By: Imogen Calderwood Source:

A swanky new five-star pet hotel is giving the phrase ‘in the dog house’ a whole new meaning.

The 130-room Posh Pet Hotel, in Palm Beach County, Florida, offers pampered pooches the very latest in canine luxury, from ‘pawdicures’ to bed time stories and everything in between. Gentle mood music tinkles in the lobby and bejewelled chandeliers hang from every ceiling, as staff welcome the hotel’s latest arrivals.